Kaled Management Corp.
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Our Professionals

Staff Member Title   E-Mail Address
Edward Kalikow President/Owner ed@kaled.com
Greg Kalikow Vice President greg@kaled.com
Paul Attinello Chief Financial Officer paul@kaled.com
Aaron Siegel Senior Vice President asiegel@kaled.com
Jack Shulman Acquisitions Associate jshulman@kaled.com
Patricia Gridley Administrative Assistant pgridley@kaled.com
Kristin Kelly Administrative Assistant kkelly@kaled.com
Jennifer Grim Executive Assistant jgrim@kaled.com
Roberta Guercio Accounting Analyst rguercio@kaled.com
Sasha Soogrim Accounting Analyst ssoogrim@kaled.com
Michael Sternreich   Payroll Manager michael@kaled.com 
Heather Vinarski Accounts Payable / Receivable hvinarski@kaled.com
Patricia Izzo     Accounts Payable–Coops patty@kaled.com
Valcellis Lee
Accounts Payable–Coops vlee@kaled.com
Norma Saracino Accounts Payable-Owned norma@kaled.com 
Ronnie Tohme Accounts Receivable rtohme@kaled.com
Michelle Donahue   Accounts Receivable mdonahue@kaled.com 
Linda Sturges Controller lsturges@kaled.com 
Anat Kliot Legal/Leasing Manager akliot@kaled.com
Christian Poveda Leasing Administrator cpoveda@kaled.com
Marisa Johnson Leasing Administrator mjohnson@kaled.com
Peter Lehr Director of Property Management peter@kaled.com
Jordan Platt Vice President of Operations jordan@kaled.com
Julia Kodis  Account Executive  julia@kaled.com
Sebastian Buttafuoco Account Executive sbuttafuoco@kaled.com
Paola Rizzuto Account Executive prizzuto@kaled.com
Jodee Sarisky Account Executive jodee@kaled.com
Michael Ravner Account Executive michaelr@kaled.com
Susan Rubin Transfer Agent    susan@kaled.com 
Bridget Faria Administrative Assistant bfaria@kaled.com
Patricia Naggar Administrative Assistant  pnaggar@kaled.com 
Barbara Robertson Administrative Assistant barbarar@kaled.com
Chris Chung Director of Operations cchung@kaled.com
Julie Echevarria Administrative Assistant jechevarria@kaled.com