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Our Philosophy

Why Kaled is the Right Choice for You…

Selecting the right management company for your needs is a major decision, and one that has an impact on everyone associated with your property. The right management company should provide you with the expertise, professionalism and dedication that enable your property to run smoothly and economically. In short, the right management company should make your job easier – which is exactly what we have done for all of our co-op and condominium board members, shareholders and owners through the years.

For more than 75 years, the family owned-and-operated Kaled Management has set the standard in property management, currently managing more than 5,000 residential units thoughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester County. Our success is based on a number of factors, including our industry knowledge, unsurpassed building management experience and our team of seasoned professionals. However, what truly sets us apart from other property management companies is the way we do business. At Kaled, our overriding goal is to provide you with the type of attentive, consistent, committed and responsive service that is vital in properly managing your property.

Our unique understanding of your issues makes us superior to the competition. These include:

  • Since we also own shares in co-op buildings, we understand firsthand what is important to you. We know you want professionalism. We know you want responsiveness. We know you want to work with a company with a complete understanding of the vital elements involved in managing a building. We provide you with all that - and more.

  • We recognize that board membership is not your fulltime job, but managing your building is ours. At Kaled, our job is to relieve you of the time-consuming tasks involved in building management, and to expertly handle all aspects of managing your property – providing you with resources and information you need to effectively serve on your board.

  • We know the difference that effective management can make on your property, and know how the right management can greatly contribute to a property’s overall success. Most importantly, we will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that your property is managed as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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