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Money Management

It goes without saying that the financial health of a property is critical to its success. Kaled provides comprehensive money management services that help you achieve that success. This includes the presentation of timely and insightful financial information that will keep you well-informed of the prior month's operating activities as well as year-to-date budget information.

State-of-the-Art Management Reporting

Any reputable building management firm can use building management software to provide you with information on a monthly basis. However, the difference you'll find with Kaled Management is in how we utilize these tools to maximize the value of the information provided to you.

Monthly Reporting

On a monthly basis, Kaled will provide you with a timely income and expense statement package that includes:

  • Bullet Narrative: Kaled analyzes the prior month's financial performance and proactively answers the questions that we anticipate will arise. Also included are the answers to questions asked in the prior month. All information is organized under monthly headings.

  • Summary Page: A financial snapshot that provides budget comparisons for the current month, year-to-date, as well as annual budget dollars remaining. This data is backed up by monthly and year-to-date details for each major category.

  • Copies of Paid Invoices: For your records, Kaled will provide you with copies of invoices that show the proper initial and a stamp indicating the date each was paid.

  • Detailed Status Report: A user-friendly report that lists each resident's charges, date paid and balances due. For your convenience, a report listing those residents with monies owed is included as well.

View sample Monthly Financial Statement (, 802K)

Financial Management

Budget preparation is taken very seriously at Kaled Management. Our in-house accounting staff works very closely with your property's accountant to ensure that an accurate budget has been prepared and is presented to the board in a timely manner. We also use input given by your Account Executive to prioritize all major projects and/or repairs scheduled for the upcoming year. Kaled's goal is to make the entire budgeting process, from review to final approval, as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

View sample Year-End Budget (, 139K)

That's the Kaled difference!

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